“Yog, it’s a typographical error…”

Ron Rizzi with Yogi Berra, circa 2010.

“Dick Young, a sportswriter for the New York Daily News, once encountered an irate Yogi in the Yankee clubhouse. Berra was looking at the boxscore printed in the Daily News for the game played the previous day. The boxscore showed Berra as having three hits in four at-bats. In fact, he had hit safely in all four times at the plate. Berra bellowed,

“Dick, I went four for four yesterday.” Young tried to calm Berra, saying, “Yog, it’s a typographical error.” Berra responded with increasing agitation, “No, it wasn’t, Dick. I swear it was a clean hit.”

— Quote by Ron Rizzi, long-time scout and Special Assistant to the General Manager of the Washington Nationals.